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Meal Plan/What I Eat


For the people who have been asking—

1 scoop Shakeology
1/2 Banana
1 Tbsp Peanut Butter
Ice and water - Blended.
Cals:305 Carbs:34 Fat:9 Protein:22

1 (small) Gala Apple
1 Mozzarella Cheese String
Cals:110 Carbs:13 Fat:4 Protein:6

4 oz Chicken Breast
1 cup Crunchy…

How To End An Arrangement

Anonymous asked: How exactly would one break of a SB/SD relationship? Treating it as a business deal of sorts feels a little too cold, however you don’t want loose ends that could potentially cause damage later down the track, particularly as it wasn’t a legitimate ‘relationship’ (IMO). What…


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Better be smart girlies
withlovekal asked:
Girl you're amazing. I'm looking at you getting an allowance over 10 k and I'm like what!?! How do I do that??? Give me your advice!!! Tell me you mentor!


I don’t remember if I said this publicly before but I’ll say it now.

I am not a sugar baby to these men, they legit see me as their girlfriend, which is the best way to go about it, no one is going to just hand over that amount to someone they don’t really care about. Even if they have it to burn. You have to gain their trust and respect. 

How I started out was with gifts, everytime we went on a date I got a new outfit, this was standard with any guy I met. Then it progresses to bill paying, then to subsidizing my paycheck so I can “work less” (so funny…), then to just all out, “Yo, it costs me 10K a month to wake up like this. If you want me, you’ll help me, plus you will be investing in OUR relationship”

A proper man is suposed to make sure his woman is taken cared of, he will look  bad if he doesn’t.

Also with the Spoiled GF thing, my ‘allowance’ comes in a bit different. We have a set cash amount that I really do need every month that comes is at 7-10K, then I ask for grocery money, then shopping money, then taxi, then I ask for money to be invested for me, then I ask for fun money. Mind you, I don’t really need some of the extra little things I ask but I ask for because as a girlfriend I am entitled to ask. I have needs, it’s his job to take care of them. Some months I get that 10 big alone, some months I’ve got way more, my record for two month was 15.5k each month but that relationship fell through because I was dumb and he pissed me off.

But I didn’t just start out and demand it, I worked my way up to it over a few months. I wouldn’t believe anyone who says they can give a 10K allowance just like that without them wanting you to become a porn star in the worst way or being a shut in or some crazy…

Also knowing when to ask helps alot…..

and being awesome at massages…..

The difference between needs and wants


One thing that used to really piss me off during allowance negotiations was when POTs tried to base an allowance on my needs alone, meaning rent, groceries, bills, etc. Let’s say I need 1500 € a month for that, I will ask for at least 2500 € in total. Because I want things….

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